With the recent announcement of Senator Al Franken of Minnesota resigning due to sexual misconduct allegations, some stories have resurfaced in the same realm about President Donald Trump. For some reason, the Republican Party will not get to the bottom of the man who represents their party.

Whether you believe the allegations or not, they are nasty stories no one should even be accused for. Here’s one of nineteen, just so you can get a taste of these accusations if you are still willfully ignorant.

Kristen Anderson

  • Year: Early 1990s
  • Allegation: Anderson told The Washington Post in October 2016 that she encountered Trump at an unnamed Manhattan nightspot when he was seated next to her on a red velvet couch. She said that Trump slid his fingers up her skirt and touched her through her underwear. The newspaper quoted friends of Anderson who said she gave them the same account shortly thereafter and in the years that followed.
  • Response: “Mr. Trump strongly denies this phony allegation by someone looking to get some free publicity,” Hope Hicks, a Trump campaign spokeswoman and the current White House communications director, told the Post. “It is totally ridiculous.”
  • Status: Anderson has not spoken to news outlets since the election.