Day: November 22, 2017

FCC plans to slash net neutrality rules unless we take action

The internet should ideally be used as a utility all consumers have equal access to. Although the FCC and lobbying cable companies have repeatedly made attempts to destroy net neutrality, the internet has remained an open source network ISPs provide justly. With the incentive to make a profit off internet users, killing net neutrality will continually arise. The FCC is prepared to vote to slash net neutrality on December 14th, 2017, but with your help, Congress can ultimately be influenced why this is ludicrous. Join the battle for net neutrality by calling, tweeting, or even sending a letter to...

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How blockchain technology will enhance the voting process in elections globally

The 2016 presidential election was riddled with allegations of voter hacking from the Russian government. The sad thing is, there is technology out there that would have prevented any form of hacking in any type of democratic election. The blockchain’s open source nature would facilitate a system of collecting votes unable to be altered, removed, or manipulated in any way. Check out this video below to learn more about how voter registration would work on the blockchain and other ways the technology can be...

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