Day: November 23, 2017

Justin Trudeau speaks out on net neutrality

Hey everyone. If you have a spare 5 minutes, please send a quick email to about how you want the internet to remain open and free. I’m sure y’all’ve seen the news on net neutrality and I figured a quick email to the guy at the helm of this unfair initiative wouldn’t hurt. Happy...

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Fek News: How gun laws can eventually make a society more corrupt

Some people might have you believe that we need to rid US citizens of their arms to prevent bad things from happening, and let the government run the show. I do not bear arms, but I hope my fellow citizens are never forced to give up their rights until the US government is also completely unarmed. Letting the government be the only faction to bear arms the first step towards losing ALL our rights. We may be in peaceful times right now, but any election cycle could give rise to the next charismatic psychopath who can persuade people to do...

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