Day: November 30, 2017

Fek News: Demono’s hot take on Ajit Pai and net neutrality

All joking aside, here are a few ways you can help oppose net neutrality. Simple 3 step directions to submit comments to FCC they might actually read: 1. On your compute (not your phone) go to: 2. Enter under Proceeding the numbers 17-108. 3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. You can also say that you support net neutrality, or that you are against their revoking of same. Also, you can call and e-mail the three members of the 5-person FCC planning to vote for it along party lines: Main #: 1-888-225-5322 Chairman Pai:...

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North Korea gloats they can target anywhere in the United States with new lethal missile

As if there wasn’t enough tension between the United States and North Korea, Kim Jong-un recently admitted the power of his military’s new missile, the Hwasong-15. Experts like David Wright, co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, have reported that the missiles may not be as dangerous as we may think, considering their ability to attach nuclear warheads to the contraption. Either way, it’s a dangerous mindset for North Korea to have.  ...

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