Month: November 2017

FCC plans to slash net neutrality rules unless we take action

The internet should ideally be used as a utility all consumers have equal access to. Although the FCC and lobbying cable companies have repeatedly made attempts to destroy net neutrality, the internet has remained an open source network ISPs provide justly. With the incentive to make a profit off internet users, killing net neutrality will continually arise. The FCC is prepared to vote to slash net neutrality on December 14th, 2017, but with your help, Congress can ultimately be influenced why this is ludicrous. Join the battle for net neutrality by calling, tweeting, or even sending a letter to...

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How blockchain technology will enhance the voting process in elections globally

The 2016 presidential election was riddled with allegations of voter hacking from the Russian government. The sad thing is, there is technology out there that would have prevented any form of hacking in any type of democratic election. The blockchain’s open source nature would facilitate a system of collecting votes unable to be altered, removed, or manipulated in any way. Check out this video below to learn more about how voter registration would work on the blockchain and other ways the technology can be...

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How Japan manages to have the least amount of gun violence globally

The United States is infamously known for the plethora of gun violence that occurs every year. With Over 33,000 fatalities annually, the U.S could really learn a thing or two from Japan’s gun legislation. This video from really details the strict nature of gun laws in Japan. Although they are a needle in a haystack, it still goes to how gun laws have truly affected the nation, a nation that doesn’t prioritize guns for their citizens (looking at you, 2nd Amendment to the United States...

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20% of Hong Kong residents live in poverty despite economic growth

According to The Guardian and the Hong Kong Poverty Situation 2016 Report, “Hong Kong is a deeply unequal society. It is the world’s most unaffordable housing market and poorer residents live in squalid conditions, with some living in ‘coffin homes’ – rows of wooden boxes crammed into tiny flats.” Clearly, this standard of living is Hong Kong needs to drastically improve if the autonomous territory wants to improve the well being of their society...

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Turkey bans all LGBT events in Ankara over ‘public sensitivities’

The LGBT community in Turkey must endure hardships imposed by their government, as the nation’s capital recently got hit with some bans. Ankara believes they are doing their citizens a favor by suppressing the acts of LGBT pride activities. “A part of society with different qualities in terms of social class, race, religion, sect, or region could therefore explicitly incite another part [of the society] to grudges and enmity, posing an open and imminent danger in terms of public safety,” the statement said. Clearly, the Turkish government is sadly unable to see their LGBT citizens as equals, believing the...

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