Month: December 2017

Facebook provides tool to check if you interacted with Russian propaganda

The social media landscape was in a frenzy during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with alleged misinformation and fake news distributed in large quantities to many different users. Facebook, arguably the most popular social media website in our human history, was a huge platform for this propaganda to spread, making its way into people’s news feeds and advertisements. Facebook became aware of this disinformation, most notably data from the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian distribution channel infamous for spreading fake news in its reporting. To help users alleviate any worries on whether or not they were subject to fake news,...

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Quebec to help citizens in poverty with basic income aid

Citizens of Quebec below the poverty line will be happy to hear the recent news from Premier Philippe Couillard. Starting in 2018, Quebecers who make less than $18,000 annually will receive government help as part of a $3 billion action plan to fight poverty and promote “economic inclusion,” according to CBC News. This plan has many moving pieces, and it has received plentiful criticisms from anti-poverty groups, noting how the plan only focuses on a single sector of citizens below the poverty line in Canada. Serge Petitclerc, spokesperson for the Collectif pour un Québec sans pauvreté, notes how “limiting [the plan] to...

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Facebook Inc. admits to offering user data to major governments worldwide

Believe it or not, Facebook Inc. can relinquish your user data to the government at its request, at least according to Facebook’s latest Transparency Report. In a graphic compiled by Bloomberg Law (seen in the newdle above), the United States ranks the highest in frequency with which Facebook Inc. requests data from users. The United Kingdom, Italy, and France follow suit as major developed countries to request analysis of their social media using citizens. Apparently, most of the data requests involve criminal cases. This information is readily available in Facebook’s semi-annual report, so hopefully the government will never feel inclined...

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The Arctic reaches an ‘ice-free’ state, changes the region’s environmental landscape

The 2017 annual report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently revealed news regarding the Arctic region, and it does not look to be normal. The Arctic is apparently never going to be the same, as rising global temperatures has caused the region to reach an ice-free state. Other reports have surfaced, all finding similar patterns in today’s global air temperature. Monthly #Arctic temperature ranks (1=warmest [red], 39=coldest [blue]) over the satellite era – including November 2017 Available at — Zack Labe (@ZLabe) December 4, 2017 “The rate of change is unprecedented in at least the...

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Walmart reportedly has ‘no cashier’ stores in development

Walmart is infamous for having little to cashiers available when you are ready to check out your groceries after a shopping trip. It seems Walmart is continuing this wave by recently reporting that it is developing a personal-shopping service with no cashiers at all. All jokes aside, the implications of this move can prove to be very beneficial for busy shoppers with limited time and high net worth. According to a few sources, Code Eight, a new Walmart subsidiary, is helping develop the technology to streamline the Walmart shopping process. The service will mirror a lot of what Amazon has been...

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