Day: February 6, 2018

The Dow plunges over 1000 points, the steepest point decline in a single day

Investors were buckling in their boots as the Dow Jones Industrial Average took a steep plummet of over 1000 points on Monday. This decline was the largest drop to ever be record in a single day, but much like climate change, the present should not dictate your entire sense of judgment. “This is a natural breath in the market,” Jaime Quiros, a CFP at FBB Capital Partners told CNN Money. “We were expecting a correction throughout all 2017, we were expecting it to take a breath. How deep it is we just don’t know.” Perhaps this is a mere...

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U.S. falls behind in genetic technology as China continues to utilize CRISPR

The race to be the global leader in genetic engineering is an interesting one. It seems the Chinese government has a fail fast mentality in the field, as they have reportedly began conducting CRISPR-Cas9 tests on over 80 patients since 2015. Although similar tests have been implemented on smaller scales in the U.S. and Europe, these countries have been extra cautious with this innovative...

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