Month: February 2018

Australian Medical Association to impose tax on junk food, receives backlash

Obesity is an increasing problem across the globe, as unhealthy food products that are cheaply made seem to riddle lower-middle class kitchen pantries. The Australian Medical Association is taking action against sugary foods and drinks, aiming to reduce consumption and lower obesity rates by imposing taxes on these foods. Additionally, the AMA will limit junk food advertising to children. Clearly, this organization thinks the food is the problem. But perhaps this food is always consumed due to it costing much less than healthier, natural food items. “We do not support a new tax on sugar to address this issue,” Greg Hunt, spokesman...

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U.S. Access Board enforces accessibility on all websites for people with disabilities.

The internet is arguably the greatest communication tool of all time, but users all over the world can’t access it equally. Sure, all it usually takes is a wifi connection and a laptop, but certain websites are less accessible than others. Considering the U.S population consists of over 50% of people having a disability, it is good that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush, guarantees people from all facets of life should have equal access to things in a public space. Now that the technological innovations on the internet constitute it as a...

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