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A look at how companies are using blockchain (5-8)

Source: BitFortune Here is another look at how blockchain will seep into our everyday lives. Using cutting-edge technology becomes more normal each day for the average consumer, so it is interesting to see how a lay-user gets accustomed to blockchain. When it comes down to how companies/businesses utilize blockchain, that’s a different story. “Blockchains provide a shared, immutable, secure record of transactions across a business network, so embarking upon a blockchain project will require your commitment to a process that goes beyond [an] organization or business—’going big,’ so to speak,” Lisa M. Schwartz, senior director of cloud applications at...

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Health Conscious – Episode 7 – Tips on Getting Summer Internships

Although everyone is enjoying the holiday spirit  as the year ends, time will not stop for current students at college and universities. The spring semester will fly by before they know it, and it is smart to secure a summer internship earlier on. That’s why we are here. Doodle the News would like to share the seventh episode of the Health Conscious podcast. Working in an administrative field will take hard work, and knowing what resources are available is important. Scroll down to Episode 7 below to hear from a few Cornell Sloan Program in Health Administration students: Adrian Jones,...

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A look at how companies are using blockchain (1-4)

Blockchain could change the way humans perform business operations around the globe. Implementation is slowly but surely taking place, and certain sectors are already seeing this revolutionary technology. Although some innovative companies are making waves in creating IoT and supply chain solutions, blockchain can further advance its maximum potential. Use the infographic above to learn how blockchain has began changing the way banking, and cyber security...

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The Rise of Blockchain Globally and Predictions – BitFortune (Part 3)

It isn’t uncommon to hear about blockchain nowadays. Some predict this decentralized technology could be as revolutionary as the internet was in the 90’s, modernizing the way humans communicate across the globe. We’ve already seen it make an impact in education, as reported by Alan Zeichick, director of strategic communications for Oracle. “I have been talking with people about revitalizing the legislative mandate for a statewide universal student ID,” Feng Hou, CIO at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) told The Wall Street Journal. “I believe with legislative support, the solution could be developed on blockchain. We are also partnering with...

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