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California governor says drought and climate change have caused recent fires

The citizens of California have dealt with wildfires the past few weeks on a drastic scale, as, according to DailyMail, “six major wildfires have forced more than 200,000 people to flee and choked the air across much of the region.” California Governor Jerry Brown stated at a news conference that climate change is the key reason the state is currently dealing with unmanageable fires. Learn more by clicking here if you want to actually see if global warming and climate change are causing the infernos in...

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Judge helps cease destruction of rare forests for a new Walmart

For once, Walmart will not be able to bully its way into a new shopping center, as Judge Ursula Ungaro halted the destruction of a rain forest in Miami. Rather than bulldozing a rare forest outside Everglades National Park, environmentalists fought hard to preserve the natural resources this beautiful earth provides. “We are elated,” said Jaclyn Lopez, Florida director for the Center for Biological Diversity. “The judge’s order has given these plants and animals and the residents of this community an opportunity for their day in court, an opportunity to have justice upheld, and a fighting chance at...

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How blockchain technology will disrupt the crowdfunding industry

Crowdfund online can potentially see a major update in how transactions are handled once blockchain technology becomes more prominent. New projects, artists, and startups would not be able to get off the ground without the help of generous patrons, and blockchain can help streamline the process of getting funds directly to talent. Learn more about how crowdfunding will be disrupted by blockchain in the video below, among other industries that will change...

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Face-to-face visitations in U.S. prisons soon to become strictly video calls

As if the families of those who have incarcerated family members in prison wasn’t hard enough, now they may have to adapt to a new system of talking to their loved ones. According to Prison Policy Initiative’s data (reported on the Guardian),  “74% of US correctional facilities that implement video calling end up either reducing in-person visits, or eliminating them altogether.” Each video call is slated to be $12.99 per 20 minutes. Clearly, this is a win for prisons looking for a new revenue stream. For those in jail, it’s just another way the government can exploit inmate’s bad behaviors for...

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North Korea comfortable to have regular communication with U.N. accordingly

Jeffrey Feltman, the undersecretary general for political affairs at the United Nations, must have had a delightful time with North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong, as recent news regarding North Korea’s relationship with the U.N. arose. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) (reported on Yonhap News Agency), N. Korea is moving forward with the notion that they can comfortably communicate with the U.N, at certain levels. This is a great step in remain civil with a nation that recently boasted its firepower and ability to strike the United States, among other...

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