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Australian parliament soon to pass gay marriage bill after heartwarming proposal

In the next few days, Australia will become the 26th nation to legalize gay marriage. Following a unanimous poll gathered earlier this year, Australian parliament have seen how they have treated homosexuals unequally, and are now willing to take the necessary steps to ensuring their great citizens have equal rights. “This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship,” an emotional Tim Wilson said to his partner Ryan Bolger. You can read more about this heartwarming story...

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How blockchain completely changes the game in the music industry

Blockchain is anticipated to change the way people take care of transactions between one another, and musical artists will love the innovation on the horizon. Online piracy will be thing a of the past, as the blockchain’s secure smart contract system facilitates a streamlined way of having audiences connect directly with their favorite talents. Check out the video below to gain more insight about blockchain in other...

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Garcia Zarate acquitted in involuntary manslaughter case with Kate Steinle

In a surprising turn of events, Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant who was in plentiful legal trouble prior to July 1st 2015, was just acquitted for the murder of Kate Steinle. Steinle was hit from a ricocheting bullet shot from a gun Zarate allegedly found under a bench at Pier 14 in San Francisco. Watch more of the coverage here from CNN. As unfortunate as this situation is, it will likely open the floodgates to conversations that will piss a lot of people...

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North Korea gloats they can target anywhere in the United States with new lethal missile

As if there wasn’t enough tension between the United States and North Korea, Kim Jong-un recently admitted the power of his military’s new missile, the Hwasong-15. Experts like David Wright, co-director of the global security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, have reported that the missiles may not be as dangerous as we may think, considering their ability to attach nuclear warheads to the contraption. Either way, it’s a dangerous mindset for North Korea to have.  ...

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Human beings are being sold as slaves after being captured in Libya

In a story from Business Insider reported by CNN, the war-riddled Libya has been dealing with a major influx of in their immigrant population, and they have turned to the worst option to mitigate this issue. People looking for a means to live are being sold into slavery, a heinous act most people assume has been expelled from modern society for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, slave trade still exists today, and sometimes the first steps to ceasing it to exist is to shine a light on the problem. Most people who are enslaved usually lack the resources and communication skills...

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