Disney has always been a renowned media entertainment conglomerate, and they are only aiming to build bridges to other parts of the industry. Disney is trying to gain governmental approval to acquire FOX in a $52.4 billion deal, bolstering the amount of sports content they produce, Kim Chipman reported on Bloomberg Law.

Along with the additional sports content, Disney will also have blockbuster content to boot in this acquisition.

“Adding Fox films like Logan and Boss Baby to Disney blockbusters Beauty and the Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 would give the combined company over $3 billion in gross box office revenue this year. Alone, Disney’s Buena Vista raked in $1.8 billion, while Fox totaled $1.3 billion so far this year.”

Ultimately, challenging the likes of Netflix and Amazon’s streaming services will need more than bold purchases in existing markets. The only way to remain relevant in such a fast paced media entertainment industry is to be on the onset of innovation. Disney has the capital, resources, and infrastructure to do it, but all they need is the innovators with good ideas.

I wonder what the cartoonists at Disney would think about DOodle the NEWS? ??