In a game that solidified all the hard work the Philadelphia Eagles put into the 2017-18 NFL season, the birds came out on top over the New England Patriots 41-33. Nick Foles took command of a high powered offense, impressing American football fans across the nation as he held a consistent lead over 5-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

The Eagles were desperate for a win, as the Pats managed to gain a brief fourth quarter lead of 33-32. Staying composed, the Eagles offense took back the lead with a glorious touchdown grab from Zack Ertz, a play you’d usually expect to get overturned when playing the dastardly Patriots.

For a salty Cowboys fan like myself, it wasn’t easy cheering on the Eagles, as it wouldn’t be fun having another franchise have more rings than us (the Pats were competing for their sixth).

At least for some fans out there, getting this first win in Philly meant everything.