Bryan Johnson, founder of the neuroscience company Kernel, wants to revolutionize brain functionality and mental disorder treatment by placing brain augmentation chips in your skull, hoping to expand the bounds of human intelligence.

Brain augmentation technology poses risks of creating an unequal society due to socioeconomic factors, as not all humans will be able to afford such innovative technology. Johnson aims to make brain chips available to all human beings.

“Can I increase my rate of learning, scope of imagination, and ability to love?” Johnson postulates on Crypto-Radar. “Can I understand what it’s like to live in a 10-dimensional reality? Can we ameliorate or cure neurological disease and dysfunction?”

“[The] brain is everything we are, everything we do, and everything we aspire to be,” continued Johnson. “It seemed obvious to me that the brain is both the most consequential variable in the world and also our biggest blind spot as a species. I decided that if the root problems of humanity begin in the human mind, let’s change our minds.”