Privacy Labs Inc. wants to revolutionize the concept of how people host their personal data online. Typically, people sign up for email on servers that belong to companies like Google, Outlook,  Zimbra, etc. The founders of the Helm believe in today’s digital age, people deserve to truly own their data and know it’s secure in their homes.

“This is the first time that people will have an alternative to the existing way they live their lives online,” Giri Sreenivas, co-founder and CEO of Helm said. “Our goal is to know as little about our customers as possible. When you profit off of people’s data and behaviors there are unintended consequences that are starting to come out more and more as a concern. So that’s not Helm’s business model. We don’t have access to your data.”

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, even believes the Helm is the way of the future. The $499 device aims to take town current trends of machine learning from the likes of Google. When a large company owns the server that hosts your primary email, it likely gains an inside look at all the things you prefer to sign up for online. It is then able to use that data to create targeted messages to persuade, inform, or even distract you.

This product is apparently easy to install, and requires a $99/year subscription fee after the first year. It’s hard to imagine the base level servers can sustain a rapidly growing network like a large company would, so this option is clearly something more geared towards smaller networks, hardcore techies, and families.

“Helm is the missing link to enable the other side on the server: secure apps to serve you and your family and make you safe,” Garry Tan, investment partner to Ohanian, wrote in a blog.