Snapchat’s has always been a prime media space for advertisers to get messages out, often being confined to less that one second to create brand awareness. But as the messaging service’s popularity begins to level out, advertisers are finding less incentive to work with Snap Inc’s platform, as users almost always skip advertisements on Snapchat.

Although Snapchat has typically aired on the cautionary side of imposing ads on its user base, the ad sales team has pushed for the company to consider implementing three-second, non-skippable ads. Much like Youtube’s advertising model, certain ads on Snapchat will not be able to be skipped until a “Skip Ad” button appears for users to go on consuming whatever content they desire.

This update isn’t very surprising, as Snap Inc. reportedly missed their third quarter goal of ad revenue, forcing the company to try something new. Snapchat has been hesitant to integrate intrusive ads onto its platform, especially when advertisements appear outside the Stories and Discover sections of the app.

“Snap’s audience tends to be younger, which is great, but they’re not very engaged,” a top advertiser on Snapchat told AdAge. “They need ads that can keep people’s attention for longer periods of times.”