Month: December 2020

Why Only 2 Out of 1000 Sea Turtles Survive Long Enough to Lay Eggs

The sea turtle population is in danger! This video from Ted Ed explains the survival rate of these precious reptiles: Ted Ed – The Survival of the Sea Turtle “At approximately two decades of age, the surviving sea turtles will be old enough themselves to breed and continue the cycle in which their very existence heralds.” Scott Gass explains in the Ted-Ed video. “Of those that began as eggs on a distant beach, less than 10 percent remain — at least those were the odds prior to significant human interference.” “Over the past century, and in particular in the...

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A Podcast about the Intricate Life of a Sea Turtle

Among the many animals that roam the earth, turtles are quite unique. Sea Turtles happen to be some of the greatest examples of turtles thanks to their natural abilities as an omnivorous sea creature. No wonder it found itself at the top of the TierZoo Turtles Tier List. The Turtle Tier List – TierZoo Sea turtles are appreciated by many, but Cheloniologist Dr. Camryn Allen might take the cake as their Number 1 Fan. “Something about their faces. Their faces are all just very charismatic even though they are reptiles,” Dr. Camryn Allen mentioned in The Ologies with Alie...

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