Among the many animals that roam the earth, turtles are quite unique. Sea Turtles happen to be some of the greatest examples of turtles thanks to their natural abilities as an omnivorous sea creature. No wonder it found itself at the top of the TierZoo Turtles Tier List.

The Turtle Tier List – TierZoo

Sea turtles are appreciated by many, but Cheloniologist Dr. Camryn Allen might take the cake as their Number 1 Fan.

“Something about their faces. Their faces are all just very charismatic even though they are reptiles,” Dr. Camryn Allen mentioned in The Ologies with Alie Ward podcast. “There’s something about them that’s so prehistoric, yet charming!”

As much as we all love sea turtles, our ways of living can harm their habitats. Plastic pollution and lack of compassion for sea creatures, in general, has led to their unfortunate demise.

“Around here in Hawaii, we’re having an increased number of turtles caught in recreational fishing lines,” Dr. Camryn continued. “What we’re trying to have the fishers help us with is if they catch a turtle, [they should] reel it in and cut the line as close to the hook as possible so that there’s no trailing line out. What’s happening is the turtles are getting caught in the line that’s still attached to the hook, and then they’re getting strangled to death.”

Clearly, this plastic pollution problem is harming sea turtle’s way of living. In Ekele Media‘s upcoming book Chelly & Renee Try To Save The Ocean, Chelly the Sea Turtle will explore ways to help humans better understand the importance of oceanic preservation.

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