Apple found themselves in a peculiar situation, as the renowned tech giant fell short of its expected sales numbers for the iPhone X. This latest smartphone iteration is slated to have 20 million units made in Q1 2018, a sharp 50% decline from 40 million in Q4 2017.

Perhaps the market didn’t want to buy into a $1000 smartphone, as that is a hefty price for a model that isn’t much different than most other iPhones on the market. The iPhone X is special because its physical components are more costly to produce.

Samsung Electronics even has some innovative ties to Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone. Samsung reliably provides OLED panels that most other manufacturers cannot produce as easily.

Clearly, the iPhone X surprised industry leaders across the globe. Maybe this will push the tech geniuses at Apple to innovate in new directions, unlike the new Emoji functionalities… even though those singing Emoji commercials can be pretty hilarious.