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Fek news: Demono and Donald Trump reignite the presidential election debate

No matter what side of history you choose to be on, U.S. citizens are living in a Trump America today. The 2016 presidential election was riddled with allegations of Russian hacking and corruption, making it arguably the most controversial election in U.S. history.

On top of that, the final results were shockingly close, even giving candidate Hilary Clinton slight preference in the popular vote. But was it really that close?

When taking a closer look at the results, the American people answered by simply not answering, as Clinton couldn’t convince enough people to Pokémon go to the polls. The non-voter turnout was staggering, and a testament to whether or not the Democratic nominee deserved a seat in the White House.

Perhaps President Donald Trump’s tirades are what the U.S. citizens deserve, considering that was the dominating Republican nominee.

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Why net neutrality isn’t as necessary as many people claim

The argument that we are given Internet access by only a few companies who cooperate and divide up the land among themselves is totally valid. But there may be a silver lining we’re not seeing that is staring us right in the face. The potential of the free market. Specifically, Google Fiber.

Google entered the scene in the 90s solely as a search engine and its assets and capital at the time were no where near what they have today. Google is a brand people trust and depend on and they decided to start introducing fiber optic Internet access simply because it grew to a size where it could afford to begin laying down its framework.

Google did this on its own, seeing potential in drawing/stealing consumers in from other ISPs (and the other ISPs definitely took notice). Granted, Google Fiber is only in a select number of cities right now, but it literally had zero cities at the time of its inception. Google is just one example of a powerhouse that started small and then entered new markets we never saw coming.

Amazon started off as an Internet retailer for books. It now has its own streaming service, 2-day delivery for the things we want, potential drone delivery, and Alexa. Walmart also had its humble start as a retailer. It now offers banking, cell phone plans, 2-day delivery, and sell groceries.

These services were not within the companies’ visions at inception. Netflix used to only sell physical media and competed with Blockbuster, eventually eliminating them from the picture altogether. Now Netflix’s capital is through the roof. These companies and potentially more (Apple, Microsoft, Cricket Wireless, T-Mobile, Uber, Disney) have the potential and the capital to enter the ISP market and undercut what the current big guys are offering.

Google Fiber is already doing this, and no one told them to. It saw an open market and decided to act because it wanted to make more money. That is just how the free market works and we are better off if we let that dictate who wins and loses.

We cannot predict how the Internet will evolve and prosper. We probably could never have imagined that a ton of people could be walking around with Internet connected devices in their pockets back in the day. The free market created these innovations without government intrusion. So why are people so adamant about using the government to stop the big guys from doing what they know how to do when they can just fight among themselves and offer lower prices and better services to undercut their competition or raise its profits?

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Fek News: Trollah gives a complacent take on the U.S leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

Today Trollah undercuts the notion that backing out of the Paris Agreement is bad news. The thing wasn’t even signed until 2015 and before that, the USA had already been making significant strides in containing and reducing air pollution. A piece of paper didn’t make us do that so why do we need it now?


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Fek News: Demono’s hot take on Ajit Pai and net neutrality

All joking aside, here are a few ways you can help oppose net neutrality.

Simple 3 step directions to submit comments to FCC they might actually read:
1. On your compute (not your phone) go to:
2. Enter under Proceeding the numbers 17-108.
3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. You can also say that you support net neutrality, or that you are against their revoking of same.

Also, you can call and e-mail the three members of the 5-person FCC planning to vote for it along party lines:
Main #: 1-888-225-5322
Chairman Pai:
Commissioner Rielly: Mike.O’
Commissioner Carr:

Act now before this is our fate.


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Fek News: How gun laws can eventually make a society more corrupt

Some people might have you believe that we need to rid US citizens of their arms to prevent bad things from happening, and let the government run the show. I do not bear arms, but I hope my fellow citizens are never forced to give up their rights until the US government is also completely unarmed. Letting the government be the only faction to bear arms the first step towards losing ALL our rights.

We may be in peaceful times right now, but any election cycle could give rise to the next charismatic psychopath who can persuade people to do bad things we could never imagine.

Do not be naive. Know that you and your citizens have the right to bear arms in the event that your government starts getting ideas. If you legally disarm a country’s citizens, then the only people with the weapons will be criminals and the government and I don’t trust either of those two entities to uphold their morals for our benefit. Not yet at least, I am optimistic about the future.