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Australian stock exchange company to use blockchain to process equity transactions

In an effort to up their game in cyber security, Australian stock exchange company ASX Ltd. will start using blockchain technology to back their equity transactions.

According to a report from Matthew Burgess and Vivek Shankar of Bloomberg BNA, this move to blockchain will eventually make it cheaper for stock exchange companies to track trades.

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Australian parliament soon to pass gay marriage bill after heartwarming proposal

In the next few days, Australia will become the 26th nation to legalize gay marriage. Following a unanimous poll gathered earlier this year, Australian parliament have seen how they have treated homosexuals unequally, and are now willing to take the necessary steps to ensuring their great citizens have equal rights.

“This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship,” an emotional Tim Wilson said to his partner Ryan Bolger. You can read more about this heartwarming story here.

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The United Nations proposes a ban on AI killer robots

The utilization of technology with the capabilities of mass genocide has recently taken the spotlight around the United Nations. These AI “killer robots”  were recently presented at the Future of Life Institute.

What’s your take on AI killer robots? Should we heed caution, or are the necessary repellent of evil forces that can arise from crime? Let us know in the comments.