DOodle the NEWS Contributing Newdler Application

Artists typically put a majority of the work they doodle into a void, and we think that’s a severe problem in today’s mediated world. DOodle the NEWS can be both an educational tool for new scrappy artists and a professional portfolio of relevant topics for more talented artists that don’t know what to do with their talents. Newdlers are responsible for creating clear, unique news doodles bring added value into the world. Draft a funny news comic you’d see in the back of the newspaper of help out audience learn a thing or two through educational news reporting!

DOodle the NEWS Contributing Writer Application

Not an artist? Every newdle needs a complimentary bite-sized news article giving the reader a place to find more information and links sourcing back to the news at hand. With today’s fast-paced political environment, writers for DOodle the NEWS can write about news important to them and our global society- don’t worry about the newdle! We can have a newdler help out with that.

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